About us

At Geosider we manufacture and sell products for foundations: pipes with smooth or threaded ends, injection valves or injection button valves, drilling bits, distribution plates and accessories in general. At Geosider S.A. we have an extensive inventory of the full range of pipes with a processing capacity exceeding 800 tonnes and more than 20,000 threads per month.

Our main equipment is comprised of:

  • Two automatic saws for cutting pipes with lengths of between 100 mm and 14,000 mm.
  • A semi-automatic saw for cutting couplings.
  • Three CNC lathes with a pipe threading capacity for diameters between 60.3 and 244.4 mm and a length of 6 metres.
  • An automatic dual head drill for the assembly of injection valves and injection button valves on the pipe.
  • A special drill for drilling plates.
  • A welding line for valve assembly.
  • A welding line for drilling bits, distribution plates and accessories.